Our Ministries

Sunday Morning Services

Each Sunday morning, Redemption Bible Church meets at Donald Eismann Elementary (click for directions) in Bonney Lake, WA.  We’re excited about being able to gather in this location, as God raises up a new community all around us.

So, what should you expect if you come join us on a Sunday morning?

Marriage Matters

Engaged couples often can’t wait until the wedding day. Even though many young couples are overwhelmed with all of the planning that goes into the ceremony and reception, the wedding day still can’t arrive fast enough. Their hearts sprint into marriage.

But once they say “I do,” they find themselves in a very different race. No more sprinting; a marathon has now begun. Those who are truly committed to marriage are in for the long haul. “For better, or for worse” aren’t just words, but promises for a lifetime.

Friday Night DIG


Athanasius. John Owen. J. Gresham Machen. Each of these men stood for the truth of God’s Word in the face of opposition- all out of a deep love for Christ and a desire for people to know God in his fullness.

Titus 2 Tea

God has both called you and equipped you to know him. We have no excuse to remain ignorant of his character.
-Wendy Horger Alsup, Practical Theology for Women

Removing excuses.  Knowing God.  Pursuing this in the context of relationships that will grow and last is what Redemption’s Titus 2 Tea is all about.